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Communism is an intellectual pathogen.

At the end of WW I, Germany was able to get Russia off its back by smuggling Vladimir Lennon into Russia to spread his brand of communism. Communism is such a contagious idea that it completely undermined the Russian tsar and collapsed Russia out of the war.

We as humans seem to have a soft spot in our hearts for this way of life, despite the lack of evidence that it has or ever will work.

I propose that we are doing it wrong. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to fix it as I see.

In my proposed communism, the ideas of equality and value must be removed. In order for a person to understand equality, inequality needs to be present. As for value, the only thing of value should be virtue.

If I view my neighbor as 'having' more 'stuff' than me, the society thinks in terms of equality and the balance of the community will naturally diverge. Where in a value-less communistic society, that idea never enters the mind because there is no such notion to begin with. In a land where 'stuff' is just stuff, there is no room for hoarding.

This is not a new idea however. In Plato's work Critaus, Plato references how the sons of Poseidon ruled over their lands. According to Critaus, the people under this rule:

"... knew that they could only have the true use of riches by not caring about them. But gradually the divine portion of their souls became diluted with too much of the mortal admixture, and they began to degenerate, though to the outward eye they appeared glorious as ever at the very time when they were filled with all iniquity."

I wonder if the communistic 'bug' us humans have might come from a time lost long ago. I find it real humbling to read the ancients with the thought "they are telling the truth about things they knew" instead of "making stuff up for things they don't understand" What are the chances that we are doing it (everything) wrong?


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