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Hello Broker,

Thank you for the response to my post.

I don’t recall reading Robert Lomas’ and Christopher Knight’s, ‘The Second Messiah’’, and I’m not a fan of ‘Holy Blood. Holy Grail’, which means I probably came across the torture of Knights Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay hypothesis in a TV documentary following in the wake of Dan Brown’s ‘The da Vinci Code’ (a story I confess I thoroughly enjoyed reading).

I am an atheist (except when in an aircraft that is taking off or landing), so I don’t see the Shroud as having been on the body of Christ, etc., etc.
However this alleged discovery of the blood of a torture victim is – to me at least - thought provoking.
Given the popularity of the Turin Shroud, I’m a tad surprised by the paucity to date of responses to my OP.
Ah well, such is life in the world of Internet Forums.



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