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Re: Soma, new proposed identity .. analemma of the sun.
Author: SallyA ()
Date: July 08, 2017 01:08AM
So What I do now, is just take the text of the mandalas and the references to Soma in Rig Veda, and the Soma can be interpreted as the produced dye stuff, the most expensive one extracted from murex.

Sheep twin, by the way. But the twin child of the panda always suffers death shortly after birth, as mommy panda can olny carry one cub about. Indra's net, the cows of the sacred herds, the horses? The livestock?

I wrote this in about 2 hours on my phone, but lost the post, before I hit post message, so I have to write it over, and my brain is not in the same space. But I will try.

I must take umbridge with your idea that the Murex is the Soma. In the Rig Veda, the Soma comes to Earth with Soma Raja, along with 107 other plant teachers, (the 54 Asura and the 54 Diva churning the Milky Ocean?) Teachers for our Milkyway Galaxy with the bar on it's center... ?? Salvia divinorum is offered as the Soma Raja plant.

I propose that you are speaking in allegory.
I suppose that the life force which comes from the Sun and can also be called something like Soma, might be milked from possible captives in the Calabash Tree in the middle of the Milkyway ... and distrbuted to the various suns => planets via the electro-magnetic enegy system of the galaxy. If such a thing served some objectine, but I suspect the system is sufficient unto itself.

If this was the only system known to the Mayans and the Egyptians, it might account for their calendars, the Mayan featuring heads, which slowly become tech enhanced .. and more dead: Sacred Head count.

But we have comprehended the secrets of reincarnating, the electro magnetic connection to source which is made by humans. The electromagnetic journey of twined chakra energies moving to supraluminal speeds. Birthing is not cloning. There is more action above the purple Htz chakra, where we cannot see, but the pineal gland can.

The weft of the mammals is writ in smaller and smaller life forms and smaller and smaller conceptual intervals. It serves.
It generates richness, solidarity and heft for the fabric of mammalian life, for which the slow breeding humans and slower elephants (et all=Ganesha) provided the Warp.

Thus we all move through time in a weave of life, and blood and consciousness, divided, but collected. No one much mentions the plants but they are the preceeding domain, they are ingesting energy near continually, and they are, I believe, more conscious than we are, though not as focused!

So the snail squashings might provide a moducm of life-attuned-electromagnetic energy, but they are not the story, only an enhancement. Maybe the fact that life-esque bits are in the energy stream makes it possible for a kind of spy resonance to be formed? I do not think they would be an elixer of life. And I do believe Soma is an energy. Perhaps it is the 8 htz ortho rotating energy?

Snail squashings in question as Soma --- would have to come from the realms of the Calabash Tree in the Center of the Galaxy where One Hunapu was taken. He is still there and still here with his people on Earth, who honor him. There might be snails, there might be Mayans, there might be much more (Galactic breeding Zoo?) ... read Farrell on the decomissioning of the Great Pyramid after it was used as a weapon against one group of G^ds. Each Crystal a ?Planet, and there were many crystals which their giant crystal set used!

So, life can be of many levels and energies, and the pyramid seen as the prism which symbolizes the making of the weft. Like the tree of life, many branch points.

The eye of Horus, the eye of Odin?, the pineal which can navigate space, the eye which sees sound, and a broad spectrum of EM. The eye which can return a spirit to its Star, return the Ka to its home. Such a gift.

Where in the human body does this great gift sit? Between the basic necessary brain stem, and the upper functions level of the cerebrum. At a boundry between base instinct and 1) reason, 2) rational conscoiusness and 3)species evolution. ... ?

This brings up one more topic ... the harmonic studies, the Mayan Ballcourts, and burial mounds in the ancient area of Ukraine!

Proto-sumerian script matching some writings in Catyl Hyuck, from which they were separated after the flood.

And long burial mounds always on Earth energy lines, always oriented, fearuring partially burned bodies, sometimes completely disarticulated unburned bodies, many other things, and the staff of _______ on one side, the club of _______on the other side (G^ds of India ==?= out of China?) Staff and club ... bounding walls for harmonic recursion!? Reflecting walls for sound, human sounds, while traversing the realms of the dead.

Stone Grave -- 68 grottos --- Anatoly Kifishin …
Kamyana Mohyla (Ukrainian: Кам'яна Могила; Russian: Каменная могила; Kamennaya mogila, literally: "stone tomb") is an archaeological site in the Molochna River (literally "Milk river") valley, about a mile from the village of Terpinnya, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine.


Stories translated in Stone Grave were also found in Catyl Hyuck … One of GassumDug Goddess who is tried by Anunnaki water court, and demoted from her station, which was given to Inanna …. was that in Sitchin?

Same stories found in C. Hyuck translated in 8,000 BCE.
More recent, and the flooding of the Black Sea cut off their route of contact with Catyl Hyuck. The trade dried up, too.

Cucutania -- Tripilium -- Ukaraine, Moldovia, Romania --- sister cultures. Gambautis, I presume?

Who was Ra? The panda maker? The serpent handler? The navigator of the slipery slope?

The merkaba is a form generating matter from plasma, always moving to smaller and smaller universes of itself.
The life spiral moves to larger & larger curves, the prime numbers move to greater and greater separation.

Scaling life systems for planets of various sizes? Perhaps it is already built into the DNA?

But the Annunaki used an animal here and their own DNA (and sacrificed a godling) to 1) create humans, 2) use & breed with them, 3) and then wipe the planet of most its life ... why?
Not only their slaves, but the rest of the races already here.

Mu//Lemuria was wiped when the godling called down the heavenly serpent and stoned them from the skies! Again destruction of vast numbers. To save the godling from "the box". This story is in a Mayan Codex. They called the Lemurians the people of the mud hills.

There's a fly in the ointment, somewhere!

I wrote much more, (some cross dimensional ego on a power trip into my personal mind space erased it, pretty much ruined my day, then tried to lecture me telepathically, as though I were in elementary school). Sorry, its a jumble, maybe I can piece it back together later. Meantime, I'm working on my right cross!

Coatlique, Mayan queen, Coatlique, the disarticulated:
Coatlique on round plaque

As a statue:

Is that an H block on her chest?

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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