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Kurgan hypothesis - Maria Gimbutas proposed in 1956 to combine the data of archaeological and linguistic research to locate the ancestral home of peoples Indo-European language speakers. Is the most popular hypothesis about the origin of Indo-European languages.

The basis of the Kurgan hypothesis underlying the views expressed in the late XIX century Genome Victor and Otto Schrader.

Maria Gimbutas argued that Indo-European society cattle originated in the Black Sea and Volga plains and spread to the west, suddenly appeared among neindoyevropeyskyh sedentary farmers in the lower reaches of the Danube and beyond. Moving occurred in three waves: around 4500-4000, 3500 and 3000 BC. E. e. Constant pressure steppe cattle led to the emergence of patriarchal society that used horses, built fortifications on the hills, buried under mounds of dead and bow solar deities. This led to a gradual merger of peaceful matriarchal farming communities "old Europe" of the Indo-Europeans that are dominant elite, changed the linguistic trajectory of Europe.

For Kurgan theory homeland of Indo located in the steppe and forest steppe between the Dnieper and the Urals occupied at the time mainly pastoral tribes who buried their dead in mounds. This states that the Indo-European peoples migrated from the south of Ukraine and Russia in the East Asia and possibly south to Anatolia via the Caucasus, and westward into Central and Northern Europe.

The hypothesis had a significant impact on the study of Indo-European peoples. Followers Maria Gimbutas identify yamnu mounds and culture of early protoindoyevropeyskymy nations that existed in the Black Sea steppe and southeastern Europe from V to the III millennium BC. is.

Distribution Indo 4000-1000 years. BC. e. for the Kurgan hypothesis territory of the Black and Caspian seas (Ukraine and Russia).

The spread of Indo-European Ukraine. Arthur Kemp From the book "March of Titan. The history of the white race."

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