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Hello again Ray,

Since celestial imagery seems to always have been there, I subtract the Astrotheological elements, as scholars have done for many centuries. I don't think that the historical Jesus Christ documentation or consensus has changed much.

Would you mind giving me a some examples of what you consider to be legitimate factual/historical events in the life of Jesus? Some specific examples as they appear in the gospels or any other sources that you accept will be good.

I checked out what Mathisen is saying and found this:

Virtually all of the world’s myths, scriptures, and sacred traditions can be conclusively shown to be based upon the motions of the stars. This includes all of the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, which for the past seventeen centuries have most commonly been interpreted and taught as though they were intended to describe literal and terrestrial events, when in fact the evidence that they are based upon celestial metaphor is overwhelming.

Do you have an example of Mathisen stating what he believes to be the facts in regards to a historical Jesus? So far all I am seeing about his work is how the Bible is all "based upon the motions of the stars," which doesn't leave much room for a literal historical record.

I also found Mathisen apparently responding to a criticism of his work, specifically criticizing his assumption that other figures such as Paul and even Josephus were historical figures when they may not have been, and this is what Mathisen says in response:

Lettre à David Warner Mathisen
I agree with you that much which was anciently written as « history » may also be celestial allegory, not least the works of Josephus.

I do not think that it is the position of most traditional scholars that even Josephus is a celestial allegory. So again, what specific facts from the NT would you consider historical rather than mythical or astrotheological?

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