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Thanks Ray I appreciate your perspective and insight. Spirituality is more suited to the individual need than to be predicated under a tribal theme. The tribal instinct that organized religion assembles under does serve to fend off fear; i.e., security in numbers. And perhaps my analysis misses that mark somewhat. And so there underlies that conflict of individualism and tribalism. Peer pressures within the tribe ignore the individual's needs and a tug of war goes on between the essence of individuality and being oppressed to belong. The drive to control is overbearing in some individuals and they have found a tool suddenly to gain power and rank within the new communal society through mysticism and superstition. The rest is history.

When mankind suddenly learned to farm and domesticate his prey around 8,000 BC and no longer had to spend as much time "hunting and gathering", it gave him more time to reflect....to look up at the stars and wonder (what is said about idle time is the devils workshop?) A good example of this transition is Cayonu Tepesi and Gobeckli Tepe, the emergence from the Neolithic to Mesolithic, a birth of piety. The relief from the stresses of the hunt, the labor intense gathering and the consequential nomadic lifestyle brought our ancestors into the age of civilization, no longer surviving in family groups, but started to entertain socializing and benefits of communal living. This expansion of leisure time, freedom from stress and interaction with those outside of family gave way to forums, like this one, a coalescence of ideas and opinions that became a viable advantage over those other competing groups "out there". The hunter gatherer graduated from scattered family units to tribal living.

I'm afraid the Anunnaki failed to weed out the animal in us with their genetic engineering efforts. lol.

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