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Vanya, thank you for the references and brief lesson. As always, the debate of Christianity's validity is an infinite one. It can go on ad infinitum cloaked in the "believing" vs "knowing" diatribe. Addressing this contest of wills between the pious and realist is the point that "believing" is fueled by an emotional imagination and can be quite insurmountable for some to dismiss and concede to reality. The "knowing" faces an uphill battle when "tainted" interpretation comes into question in the debate. It is a part of human nature to cling to the security of something out of fear. What I find most dominant in the believers are patterns of fear. The very instrument of any religion has been fear tethered to a control mechanism, i.e.; the Crusades, Inquisition, the Dark Ages.

Aside from this historical theme, has been the observation that in the US, the States with the highest illiteracy rate rank also the highest in those that practice Christianity. This point is hard to get around. And the resilience of piety nests in this observation. And in my opinion, piety finds it's strength in numbers as well as emotional behavior driven by fear. Personal accountability is mostly absent in the Christian life, "it is God's Will", or that they weren't even accountable for their owns sins and, that by their own admission, a projected Savior had to do that for them as well.

If Christianity were on trial in a court room, it's case would be very weak. The Bible as their keystone is a text of astrology and mysticism bathed in ambiguity and easily interpreted to fit the their means at any given moment, for any common defense. The historical Jesus is awash in this system and bound to drowned by sheer weight of facts.

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