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Hello Roger,

you wrote:

It goes with current trends that I have fallen victim to by believing and not knowing.
I think the line can be drawn at the difference of "believing" and "knowing".

It is exactly like that. History is a complete another field than Religion because Hystory as a science
MUST consider only facts and NOT beliefs.

The question of historical Jesus has been debated on GHMB for past years in some case in a very hot debates.

Personally, after many and many years of researches and being familiar with Latin (Old one and Middle age one too)
among other languages like Italian, French, English, Spanish, Russian, and having applied during such researches
the 5 W roules to any arised question (WHEN WHERE WHAT WHO WHY - this last together with Cui Prodest)
I can affirm that who we nowadays called Jesus Christ, was Joshua bin Yussuf a Jew who preached to the Jews.
So he was a phisical person who after his Death was "slowly slowly "mythologized" during flown of times.

I guess it could be of interest to read all of this discussions on GHMB here:

19.03.2015 - The Quest of the historical Jesus Christ: Albert Schweitzer

02.09.2013 - Jesus: King of Edessa | The TRUE origins of JESUS CHRIST w/ Ralph Ellis )a very hot debate)


Nice and bright day


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