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Thank you for that information. I will do my best to follow this up as well. However, you do realize that any context can be questioned no matter the author? That is the premise of the debate over the factual basis of the Bible and the driving force that Christianity is "unquestionable" simply because it is a question of "believing" and not of "knowing". As I said at the beginning of my post, "What to believe". At the point of conflict between the "believing" vs "knowing", Faith has the advantage of immunity to scrutiny, as it is impossible to disprove "belief" as opposed to scrutiny and discrediting of "knowing" which is what has given the defense of Christianity it's armored defense. By sheer numbers the "believers" greatly outnumber the "knowers" as the leverage of peer pressure trumps fact and common sense. As new discoveries are made more validation of events of the Bible come to the forefront but the fact remains the "interpretation" is always in question. What it comes down to as a non-science is "what to believe" no matter what the subject may be of inquiries into the past. The past is gone and we are only left with morsels to interpret into the individual form of "believing" or "knowing". There is no debate as I see it.

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