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I prefer Prof R. Eisenman views and works in any attemp to find any other evidences of this historical person. With the remaking of this Jewish teacher by the Romanised and Pauline groups it is almost impossible as they set about destroying any works that contridicted the character they wanted also the merciless attack, rape and pilage by Vespasian and his son Titus to quell the 4 yr long revolution. They brought enough booty through stolen goods and slves to build the Coluseum. Prof Eiseman was mainly reponsable for the Dead Sea Scrolls eventually being released for the general public. I would recommend anyone who is curious about this time period and the characters like John The Baptist/ Jesus/ James the Just (Jesus's brother) to read his book 'The Dead Sea Scrolls and the first Christians' and 'James the Brother of Jesus'. There is a 3 part you tube video 'Eiseman at the Ramtha School' It covers most of the points in his works, I do not have anything to do with this school? and do not hold with their beliefs, this is not a requirement to understanding what he says. Heres a link to the first part [www.youtube.com]

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