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There was an old theory that Hyksos were Aryans, but this is not favoured anymore and they are considered to have been "Semites/Semitic". (It is often mentioned that Hyksos king names Yakob-her and Yakobaam are similar to biblical Jacob. One site suggested that the name Apachnan is similar to Arpachshad. The Hyksos match the reign of god-king Set(h) in the dynasty of god-kings. Set(h) is considered by some to be related to biblical Seth (or Shem, or Abd Shems?) There is a Hittite god Sutekh, and an Arab god Sut(ekh).) Manetho/Josephus said "some think they [Hyksos] were Arabs".

Moses was certainly in the 2nd half of the 12th dynasty, and Shishak of Kings/Chronicles seems to have been in the (18th or) 19th (or 20th dynasty), so the Hyksos must match someone in the period between Moses and Saul. (The greater Hyksos period or SIP roughly match the Judges period.) The San tablet of 400 yrs which give 400 yrs from Hyksos king to 19th dynasty king roughly matches 480 yrs Moses to Solomon in bible.
(Saites/Salitis might link with Sais 800(0) yrs in Atlantis Account?)

(Bey and) Velikovsky did suggest that the Hyksos as the A(a)mu were the biblical Amalekites and Arabian Omaya (and that Apepi is Agag), and one of the couple/few Amaleks is found in the list of Esau's/Edom's descendants.
(Amalek/Amawlake/'Amaleq means "people of lapping"or "dweller in a valley". There is an Amr(o)u son of Amalek (or Abu Malek?) in Arab traditions. Aamu/Amu/Hemu is also similar to Amorites/Amurru/Martu, Ammonites/Ben-Ammi, Ham. A Hyksos scarab was found in vicinity of Baghdad (as there was also Hyksos name found in Crete). Years ago i briefly wondered if Hyksos were Kassites. Kasdim? Aamu/Hemu [or Namu?] apparently means "gentiles" or "Asiatics"? Hyksos as "petty-kings/rulers of foreign countries/lands" sound abit like "(Amalek) first of the gentiles/nations"?)
(I once thought that the name Shasu was possibly vaguely similar to Esau.)

The Hyksos king Anat-her might be linked with the Ethiopian patriarch Anayer who is said to have met the Israelites when they were leaving Egypt (mentioned in Hancock's Ark book 'Sign & Seal').

Anat-her is also/alternatively possibly similar to Anak(im)? Rohl suggested Hyksos king Sheshi matches Sheshai in 'Joshua'. The name Sisera in 'Judges' is also possibly similar to Hyksos names Seuerenre or Auserre or Asehre? Hyksos Salitis (Egypt) is maybe similar to Amalekite Salwas (in Arabian traditions). Dhu Shanater of Arabian is possibly similar to Salitis/Sanati &/or Anat-her? Talmai of the Anakim (in bible) is similar to Talma of Amalekites (in Arabian).

A friend of mine thought Hyksos king Bnon could match Baal-hanan. I have wondered if Bnon might be linked with Jabin in 'Judges'?
(I once thought that Sharuhen/Sherohan was possibly similar to Sharon, or Jericho, or Saracen, but it since seemed wrong. There is a same/similar town name in 'Joshua' 19. Some link it with Hierosolymus son of Typhon?)

The biblical Jannes and Jambres have been corresponded by some with Hyksos kings Iannas and ....

Brugsch-Bey and Gerald Massey seem to suggest that Hyksos were same as the Menti (and Asher). Some have linked Menti (and Asher) with Manasseh (and Asher). I've wondered if they could link with Midian, though is doubtful. Bey suggested connected Asher might be similar to Assyrians. Josephus said the Hyksos were afaraid of the Assyrians [perhaps Cushan-rishathaim?]

I have wondered if the name Avaris (which Velikovsky thought was el-Arish) could possibly be connected with name Africa, though i know it is doubtful? Other possibly similar names are Apher & Japhran (auxiliaries of Hercules in Alexander Polyhistor), and/or Epher/Ophren (son of Midian son of Abraham in bible and Josephus); or Havilah? or Hagar? or Al Hareth/Aretas?

Apophis is similar to Greek Epaphus/Apis. [Or cf Apepi/Agag & Ogyges?]
Vague memory that Rohl and/or my friend Graham connected a Hyksos king name with Argos king Inachus?

SC Compton in his Exodus book has a theory that Olmecs were Hyksos from Egypt from time of exodus.

Massey seems to suggest that Hyksos were same as or connected with the Aati and Aamu "lepers and impure". (Not sure if Aati could possibly be corresponded to the Adites or Edom?) Leprosy is considered to be African, though Jews had some. Massey thought that Hyk-sos were Egyptian [heretics], similar to Shemsu-Hor/Schesoo-Hor "Horus (shepherd) race". (Shemsu is similar to Shem?) Velikovsky said "The Amalekite conquerors came from Arabia, but apparently they had Hamitic blood in their veins. They were a nation of herdsmen...."

Hyksos has been [dubiously] linked by some with Ogus Khan who invaded Egypt, as if Iki-Ogus. (Hyksos name Khyan supposedly similar to Khan? Alleged "Hyksos" king Alkan (or Al Akran?) in Arab tradition is also similar. Alternatively, the Arabic Katan/Yaktan (&/or Cahlan) is possibly similar?)

Hyksos as "shepherd kings" has been connected by some with Tamo Vatsa/Vasta king of the Pali of Indian tradition who invaded Egypt.

The name of the allegedly "Hyksos" king Kabous ibn Mosab in Arab tradition is similar to the name of serpent king (of "Jerusalem" or "Babylon") "the chieftain of Kabus" in Iranian/Persian.

"Community fluoridation" is communistic leveling mass medication.

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