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Hello Aneth

If I am not mistaken, Alexander, after conquering the Persian Empire, had conceived plans to conquer the western Mediterranean zone (including Italy), but he died in Babylon before he could face this enterprise.

From my humble knowledge of Roman history, the republican Rome was not a great power in those days (we are talking about late 4th century BC). It was still fighting in Italy against many peoples, including the powerful Etruscans. I think that if Alexander could have prepared a strong army to invade italy, he would have been reasonably succesful against the Romans, but this is of course a speculation.

We have to bear in mind that the situation changed a lot in a couple of centuries, as Rome defeated the powerful carthaginians (Hannibal) and conquered Hispania and North Africa. It was an epoch of great expansion for Rome, both in the economic field and the political field. Then, in the second century BC, the greeks were divided into several kingdoms and their armies and tactics were clearly obsolete, so they had little chance to beat the roman legions.

Of course, Titus Livius (my friend Livy...) was not a rightful or "objective" historian. In a certain way, a great part of the Roman history written by Roman historians was just propaganda (well, perhaps all national histories are propaganda, but this is another issue...) So Livy always presented the bright side of the events for the Romans, and it is not surprise that he thought that Rome could have won a war against Alexander.

Best regards,

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