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I'll drop these here for consideration:




The disk is clearly a cultural astronomy artifact, with its unique construction stylings symbolically consistent with how astronomical data and records were compiled and preserved by archaic cultures.

- That it is a circle reflects the circular / cycling nature of existence and the dome of the night sky.

- That it is two sided reflects the alternating and grinding degenerative / regenerative hemispheres of time that are central to and deeply encoded into most cultural astronomy narratives and representations ... a phenomenon that was and is critically important for humanity to track and retain an acute awareness of.

- The mnemotechnical repetitive styling reveals its high degree of importance, and again, that it is reflective of something very core to humanity's existence that must never be forgotten.

- that it requires repetitive 'turning' and alternating 'flipping' to read reflects the gyring nature of the sky that periodically (repetitively) provokes a 'topsy turvy' flipping accompanied by cataclysm that disorders and reorders Earth and all of life. Visualize a hour glass with its two discrete segments within the whole of its construction, with grains of sand representing time as it runs down before flipping and beginning anew. Note that the archaic hour glass, evident in so many classical paintings, is a representation of the Precessional Tower and Earth's polar axis / magnetic poles. Even as you read this these poles are wandering erratically in advance of a long overdue flip ... to the extent that several airports have had to renumber runways. This wandering is alarmingly and rapidly disordering and weakening the strength of Earth's electromagnetic field that regulates climate, the world ocean, atmosphere, seismic / volcanic activity and the electromagnetic fields all life forms, including the electromagnetic fields of the human body and brain ... resulting in the current runaway mass extinction event which humans are not exempt from but are blind to in their culturally conditioned alienation from the meta-environments they are innately embedded in and perpetually at the effect of. This weakening and disordering of the electromagnetic field is so advanced in some regions that it is hazardous for satellites that orbit above these regions – the field no longer protects them from radiation which interferes with satellite electronics.

None of this rules out that this astronomically encoded calendrical device may have also been a ritual 'game' ... with the understanding that ancient games were mnemotechnical rites rooted in astronomy and that they reflected the endless periodicity of time, the orderly chaos of celestial mechanics that drives or collapses Earth's operating systems and the evolutionary trajectory of all life forms, and the traumatic transitional period (battle) between one 'king' (current world era) as it flails in its death throes (loses) ... as the next 'king (new world era) destructively ascends (wins) and triumphantly imposes a new rhythm and order of time and life.

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