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Peter Z. Revesz1,a

1 Department of Computer Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, 68588, USA

MATEC Web of Conferences 125, 05018 (2017) DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/20171250 CSCC 2017



The approaches of Boutsikos and of Woudhuizen and his co-workers are noted here as some of the more serious translation attempts because they consider several Cretan Hieroglyph texts.

Using a specific projection of Linear B phonetic values to Cretan Hieroglyphs, Boutsikos translated both the Phaistos Disk and the Malia Altar Stone as an ancient Greek writing [3]. In particular, for the Malia Altar Stone, he obtained the following translation: “Cares for trust and quantity goddess Mene path you correct.”

3. S. Boutsikos, Malia altar stone, Available at: [the-phaistos-disk.webnode.com], (2014), downloaded May 11, 2017.

I don't remember if my web page had a typo and I corrected it but the true translation is:

“Cares for thrust and quantity goddess Mene path you correct.”

Since syllabic writing systems are not perfect we could read different words from the text. Another possibility is that the Hellenic word 'poton' was used. In this case the translation is:

“Cares for thrust and beverage goddess Mene path you correct.”



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