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In the past I have posted in various mbs early translations of side A. In my site now I have the translation of side B. This might be why it seems like an entirely different translation.

You must keep in mind that decoding a writing system is one thing - finding the correct phonetic value for each symbol, and reading - translating the text is another. Syllabic scripts are primitive, you can translate a specific text in a number of different ways. This is why the translation process actually never ends. We can change our minds with time on what the correct one is.

What I must point out is that I wrote the book (in Greek): "Diskos tes Sides en Phaisto, How the wife of Velos experienced the erruption."

After this I got the idea of checking the statistical properties of the gematria code of the disk. I thus wrote a program in C to do this. I noticed that info relating to Jesus Christ was encoded. This led me to the conclusion that certain phonetic values I used were wrong and thus the decoding needed some slight adjustments. The outcome of these modifications had other gematria and numerological consequences relating to God constants. This seemed to confirm I was on the right track.

So the new findings are now encompassed in my Bethlehem star book (in Greek) Thebe Andromedia Estia(529 pages).

Can the decoding get any better, can there be a better one? I don't know. Maybe this can be checked using supercomputers.

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