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I chose 20 symbols from the Linear B correlation table by internal reading, page 113 of Tsikritsis book.
To this I added the assignment of the plumed head to the vowel 'Ε' that exists in the tables of arrangement and correlation of the Disk with the Linear A and B archives that Tsikristis presents on pages 105 and 108.

Due to the fact that Tsikritsis was not able to propose a phonetic value based on statistical analysis for all symbols, I studied Polygiannaki's propositions and based on the isopsephia structure of the text I chose 9 of her phonetic - hieroglyphic assignments. Polygiannaki bases her assignments on acrophony.

For the rest of the hieroglyphs I presented my own phonetic values. A couple were actually Tsikritsis values transformed to fit my own hieroglyphic design idea. The rest were derived solely using isopsephia analysis that takes into account scientific and religious parameters. A C program was created and all relative combinations were run so as to lead to the best gematria fit.

The actual translation effort started only after the best possible phonetic values were derived. Confirmative mathematical, statistical, or gematria, relations that relate to physical constants showed me that the phonetic solution was the right one, or at least a very good one - one very close to the ideal.

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