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Hi Ivano,

Great references, and no I wasn't that familiar with the tenets of the Nestorian Church outright, but I do recognized a few of the key controversial concept points made by it as described in the Wikipedia here:

<Shortly after his arrival in Constantinople, Nestorius became involved in the disputes of two theological factions, which differed in their Christology. Nestorius tried to find a middle ground between those that emphasized the fact that in Christ God had been born as a man, insisted on calling the Virgin Mary Theotokos (Greek: &#920;&#949;&#959;&#964;&#972;&#954;&#959;&#962;, "God-bearer"), and those that rejected that title because God as an eternal being could not have been born. Nestorius suggested the title Christotokos (&#935;&#961;&#953;&#963;&#964;&#959;&#964;&#972;&#954;&#959;&#962;, "Christ-bearer"), but did not find acceptance on either side.>

The Greek term "Theotokos"-God-bearer has the gematric value of 744, which I believe equates it more so with the old Egyptian religious connotation role of the deity "Nepthys"-744, in some sort of surrogate mother capacity. However, I don't think the other phrase, "Xpistotokos"-1940 Christ-bearer, was the intended term, but rather "Xpistophoros", which has the value 2220 instead, and means much the same thing. That would keep it in line with the other deity names employed for this divinity having multiple units of the number 37 at their basis, ie: "Ihsous Xpistos"- 64 x 37 = 2368, and this phrase value being 60 x 37 = 2220 in a similar vein.

Somehow, I kind of doubt that these astute ancient church authorities would have gone mad after reading the tenets of the I Ching however. They would undoubtedly have enough background info on this matter to maintain their mental faculties,,,Not so sure about those Jesuits however,,LOL!



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