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Jesus was known as Issa .His teachings parallel Buddhist precepts in uncanny similarity .

Hi Bruce,

This observation can be made to fit the precepts of quite a few religious belief systems, such as the parallels the old Jesuit priests who went to China discovered after learning of the tenets of Confucianism found in the Book of Changes or I Ching with Christianity. Some principals pertaining to the common good and benefit of humanity in its entirety are universally recognized, irregardless of their perceived favorite messenger expressing these principals. Unfortunately in the case of these old priests however, this fact was something so startling as to shatter many false impressions they had regarding their own beliefs, as to render them quite mad as a result. This situation still exists today unfortunately. Seems to me, there should be a way to filter out all of the adverse affects of people's personal dogmas to find the common understandings of what these beneficial principals really consist of.

Best regard,


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