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Some claim that Jesus survived his crucifixion and lived the remainder of his life in India. There is a tomb of a man in Srinagar whose sarcophagus bears the image of a pair of feet, crucified. As historians know, crucifixion was not a form of punishment which existed in India so the tomb is at the very least an enigma.

Some claim the the evangelical gospel writings which document Jesus appearing to his apostles in the Upper Room following his crucifixion actually bear testament to the notion he actually survived it and was not appearing in "transformed" form at all.

The Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees who felt threatened by Jesus' ministry and who encouraged the Roman authorities to crucify him did not care at all whether or not Jesus actually survived his crucifixion: officially, he was now considered "dead" and so could not ever preach his ministry in public again. Mission accomplished, from their point of view!

Anyway, should you wish to read more about this controversial claim, see here:


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