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Grey was unusual he was no ordinary colonist. His reports went back to Whitehall he was a free agent.

His comments on the Americans in general The US itself once a colony.

Under the title of 'General results of Great Mercantile Operations'

'In the earlier Colonies, founded by the great maritime powers of the world, national hatred prevailed to a great degree, although war existed not between the parent states: still, at distant points removed from the immediate control of the law, the hatred of races found vent, cruelties were committed, reprisals took place, and the Europeans warred one upon another. But England and America, as they progress in these regions, spread a common language and a common faith, and no national antipathies can be strictly said to exist between them.'

Then Grey turns to trade and what he says is basically 'The Americans are whipping our arse get yourselves into gear' He phrases better.

"The Americans , who are decidedly a more enterprising mercantile people then ourselves, have almost engrossed the profits of the seas surrounding the Indian Archiplelago and the western and south-western portions of New Holland. There vessels in these parts are to ours in the ratio of at least ten to one. They constantly frequent the out=stations of Western Australia; supply the want of those retired portions of the world, and where, legitimately, the British manufacturer should command the market, little besides the produce of America is to be seen."

Then Grey makes a comment which I find really interesting.

"The masters of the American whalers participate in the great degree in the feelings of the out-settlers; from the impressions generated in their they are disposed to look with a fraternal eye upon the few adventurous spirits who have located themselves far from their fellow men to reclaim a home from the wilderness '

'to all first settlers, away they start for the last new colony or for unsettled lands - New Zealand, the Sandwich Islands, (Hawaii) the Indian Archipelago, it matters not...."

From his words you feel the excitement of the time.

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