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Actually, it starts with an act of racism :( And the enlightenment that Miriam gets, is by walking in Tharbis' shoes by being made an outcast by God, who strikes her with leprosy for a week. Did you pay any attention to the video and commentary? This is the ONLY painting of Moses' wife, his first wife, taken by him, along with the Israelite slaves, out of Egypt. Not only does the Numbers Ch.12, King James version confirm Moses' Egyptian heritage by this marriage, it confirms the tradition of Artapanus and Josephus and Manetho. All the fools in the world can try to make Ramsses II the Exodus Pharaoh, it will never stick. 25,000 slaves couldn't have just strolled out of Egypt in Ramsses' day. His military machine battled the Hittites to a draw on their own turf, for heaven's sake! Does any realistic scholar honestly think he would have let the work force (purportedly!) building his capital at Pi-Ramesse, just walk away? C'mon! The thumbnail I gave you above for this event is the historical reality. The archaeology,Biblical traditon and outside traditional accounts all coincide. Slaves with Hebrew names are listed in the papyri of the mid-13th Dynasty prior to its dissolution into the Second Intermediate Period, about 50 years later. The son of Dudimose, last King of the 13th Dynasty, Khonsuemwaset, is pictured on a stela with chariot-gloves under his chair, a clear sign he was master-of-the-horse, and drove chariots, widely reported not to have come to Egypt until AFTER the Second Intermediate Period, and the 12th Dynasty fortress of Buhen, at the First Cataract of the Nile, built by Montuhotep I, has yielded horse foot-bones, and clear stables, fully one hundred years before scholars acknowledge the horse was used in Egyptian warfare. So, before you dismiss this account of mine, you must admit the authorities have some 'splainin' to do!

Cheers, Rick

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