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Religious conflicts permeated Charles's reign. His failure to successfully aid Protestant forces during the Thirty Years' War, coupled with such actions as marrying a Catholic princess,[3][4] generated deep mistrust concerning the king's dogma. Charles further allied himself with controversial religious figures, such as the ecclesiastic Richard Montagu, and William Laud, whom Charles appointed Archbishop of Canterbury. Many of Charles' subjects felt this brought the Church of England too close to the Catholic Church. Charles' later attempts to force religious reforms upon Scotland led to the Bishops' Wars, strengthened the position of the English and Scottish Parliaments and helped precipitate the king's downfall.

T Bird

Nathaniel Isherwood esq of Bolton le moors married into the House of Bradshawe,
the estates of Bradshawe went to Isherwood after John Bradshawe's passing.

John Bradshawe....Judge of Englands Parliament under Cromwell,

his signature is on Charles I death warrant.

John Bradshawe opposed Cromwell in later period politics,
as Cromwell began to go over to the dark side ...as they say.

The name Isherwood changes via the format known as a corruption from several influences,

de esherwode -1332

yserwude - 1246

a lost habitation hypothesised to have been near Bolton,
prior to Norman Invasion 1066 and Williams raiding.

GENUKI says the above and the meaning Ash Wood.,..
Saxon-Norse and the legacy of Druidic connection to sacred tree's groves.

another research line trends Ishere's....from Isen here/working of iron metal

Sherwood from Nottingham Shire has the Scir/Shire prefix and the Wudu/wode for woods.

whats intrinsic here is the connectivity to Wudu/woden...ancient period religious practice and woods.

The region of Wales/Lancashire and the period Roman Legion invasions....with the decline in 460?
and then the Saxon incursion....and then the Vikings.

In some way....can track my ancestry back only so far...
William and the Normans could not end our Name,
wether it was a relocation/lost habitation prior to 1066 or because of the Norman incursion.

Some genealogists in Wales counter that Isherwood is from Ishlawcoed

ah...the woods - wudu again : )

Isherwoods mostly stayed put under Domesday to Bolton,Oldham Blackburn Omskirk area,....Salford 100

a tranch of Isherwoods appears in Belgium and is pondered to be in connection with some who returned with a Baron from Belgium during the Crusades.

Isherwood..... de Esherwode.....Yserwude......wudu.....Woden,

I wish I had the Woden shapeshifter thing going,

off to the bank we go : )


T Bird

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