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"This is an incredible piece of news! It could explain so much. The differences between stars and planets become less all the time, and the heat output from planets becomes a resolved issue.

Okay, extrapolate to brown dwarfs. A 10 Jupiter mass brown dwarf would be a smaller body in terms of size than Jupiter, and therefore far more dense. So, the uranium core would be significantly biggerand more active. This would mean that a small brown dwarf should have a much higher heat output than Jupiter (90K, I believe). although appearing to be the same size, or smaller.

Also, this would mean that old brown dwarfs should remain warm...the planetary embers would continue to burn, despite the timescale. This would turn certain assumptions by astrophysicists on their heads. Nibiru, if an old and relatively small brown dwarf, should still be warm. It should still give out an anomaously high level of heat despite being over 4 billion years old. This should be enough to provide an habitable environment on its moons.
~ Lloyd

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