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In the southeastern corner of Bolivia, a land- locked nation in the middle of South America, lie vast tracts of jungle called La Selva. For years, archaeologists have ignored the region, preferring to concentrate their efforts in the Andes. However, recent developments have persuaded them to take a second look, particularly at the region known as the llanos de Mojo (Plains of Mojo).
Instead of "just oppressive jungle, biting bugs and primitive tribes," scientists now believe that "much of scientific significance" lies "hidden under the lush greenery."

"Even the mounds hold mysteries. One of them, named Ibibate, has been described by anthropologist W. Baiee as being, 'as close to a Mayan pyramid as you'll see in South America...Beneath the forest cover is a 60-foot (18-meter) human-made artefact.'"

"Ibibate is only one of many such mounds in the Bolivian Amazon. Called 'lomas,' they are obviously quite distinct from any Mayan pyramid we know of. Rather, the lomas are enormous islands of pottery shards mixed with black soil. Hundreds of these mounds prove that a large population once occupied this region of Bolivia called the Llanos de Mojos."

"Anthropologist C.L. Erickspon and a team from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that the Llanos de Mojos once supported a Precolumbian complex of societies linked together by networks of communication, trade and alliances."

"Erickson asserts that these cultures erected 'thousands of linear kilometers of artificial earthen causeways and canals...large urban settlements and intensive farming systems.'"


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