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Hé Merc,

Well, the Oera Linda Bok (with one o!)...
The article you quote is imho not interesting at all, it is just one long speculation from beginning to end and does not dig very deep into the Oera Linda Bok.

The writer has to be educated a bit about the Netherlands too.
>>... Friesland, a part of northern Holland.<<
The Frisians would be very much insulted by this!!
Holland only occupies the north-western coast of the Netherlands.
Friesland is a different area (province), with a long independend history (it carries the oldest flag in the world).
Friesland is a bi-langual "country", Dutch and Frisian and the latter is totally unspoken nor understood outside the Frisian borders.
(As a native Dutchman I understand very little of it. It's nature is truely Anglian and contains just as much "English" words as "Dutch" words, e.g. compare "lyttje" with "little".
Btw Frisian culture is highly respected within the Netherlands.

On the south-western coast Zeeland is situated and there you can find the (former) island of Walcheren.

Now, back to the "Bok".
There is a lot of information about this book on the internet, most of which is in Dutch I'm afraid, but you can try []this link].

If my information is correct, then the so called "Atland" is a form of Aldland, meaning Old Land and is to often misinterpreted as Atlantis.

The book has been studied a lot in the Netherlands and the dominating conclusion is that it IS a hoax, although this has never been proven without any doubt.

The original title is not "The Oera Linda Bok", but "Thet Bok th?ra Adela follistar" or "The Book of Adela's Followers" and it is not written in Old Frisian but in a strange mixture of quasi-old and modern constructions.

In the twenties of the previous century H.F. Wirth, a German of Dutch decent, declared the core of the OLB for real. On the basis of the OLB and owlboards -wooden roof decorations on Frisian farmhouses- he invented an "ancient" anti jewish and anti christian religian.
In 1933 and 1934 he issued a German translation, but his nationalistic and German ideas irritated many of the nazi's. Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg had no need for myths in which the civilisation started with the Frisians.
It seems the nazi's even considered to forbid the OLB!

Most likely a "load of dingo's kidneys", but a bit of the mystery remains ...


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