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UltimateBBS News:

As of April 30, development of UltimateBBS has stopped. This was the result of several factors, mainly that the current developer no longer had sufficent time required for the project. Rather then turning into another vaporBBS, they are looking for someone to take over the (Pascal 7.0) source code and complete it. Anyone intrested in can contact UltimateBBS is esimated at more then 90% complete currently.

[] (URL is not active at this time)

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If I may .... 212 Katherine 19-Apr-02 05:09
Re: If I may .... 67 Harry 19-Apr-02 05:13
UltimateBBS 131 Tripp 19-Apr-02 05:54
Re: UltimateBBS 80 Harry 19-Apr-02 06:06
Re: If I may .... 86 Katherine 19-Apr-02 05:29
Re: If I may .... 93 Harry 19-Apr-02 05:39

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