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Hello Carol..

It's a pleasure to hear from you and read your own perspective.

I join the throng here who agree with you in whole and can only say "well Said!"

While I have not followed Don's posts in minute detail, I have been aware of his growing excitation over his own discoveries. While reading his posts I've been looking for his "bottom line" in his conclusions and to evaluate on my own, personally, what portion thereof seems valid and supported by the evidence at hand.

Sometimes in these excursions of Epiphany there is no "bottom line" but only what we view to be powerful indicators of "a path" leading in one direction. Often times, even invariably, this new-found path results in even more questions than we had to begin with. Yet it has been said that "often the answer is not as important as asking the right questions"

Indeed, as you say, we all are on a journey. I have aired some of my own personal journey on this board.. my epiphany .. and this came to me in evidences that I wholly never suspected to encounter. To some degree my own "epiphany" and these evidences have made me somewhat noted on this board and even notorious. I was well aware this would occur as a result of the subject matter.

To me, my own epiphany came it seems now in looking bacl *as IF* I were guided by some devine, intelligent hand: a confluence of events, training, abilities and opportunities, even opportunies arrived at through loss that enabled me to recognize what I have recognized.

Perhaps Don himself feels the same as I do in this.

Carol there is perhaps only one aspect of your post which I do question.

"<i>What a person thinks or believes, what they draw on to offer them peace of mind in this life belongs to them and them alone. I am not in possession of "the answer"....nobody is. We believe what we believe. </i>"

Certainly our beliefs are where we found our lives and these _enable_ us (and dis-able us too) and fire and inspire us in all we do, often in ways imperceptible to those most intimate to those beleifs, we ourselves.

I do however believe that things can be "known" and answers can be derived. Even those with a firm belief in "God" as indicated through the Christian Bible would agree that ... "much more went on than is made evident in the bible itself". Given this there are "T"ruths which may be uncovered, realized and understood allowing more understanding as to where we came from.

"Seek and Ye Shall Find"

Certainly evolution has its draw backs and there is a gaping "hole" in that theory and mankind's resolve to its current status known as the "missing link" . THen again there are questions, details and recountings from even the bible itself and related sources that tend to indicate that *some* of what went on was far less then etherial and devinely inspired (one such example being Genesis 6, further extrapolated in "Book of Enoch" Ch 6 "sons of God" uniting with "daughters of man")

Ultimately the question is "are we extrapolating our own Ephinany and new discoveries BEYOND what can reasonably be interpreted from this evidence itself ......... so doing. . are we overly-extending the interpretation of this evidence to a conclusion as a result of our own, personal apriori prejudices, inclinations and belief paradigms? "

This board *CAN BE* a good sounding board for this with a persons presentations being examined from widely diverse perspectives and it helps make one honest. both presenter and challenger.

This board ALSO *CAN BE* a bad place for this as *SOME* here do exhert their own personal prejudices and preconceptions to broadly dismiss any information presented without any regard for the detail -- even attacking the presenter personally rather than address that detail.

Unfortunately, perhaps as a result of human nature, when persons on either side of a discussion approach it with deeply founded prejudices (literally pre-judge) and preconceptions founded on what they "know" such a <i>REASONED</i> discussion becomes impossible.

In the meantime we are safe in asserting that our own planet is not the center of the solar system, yet often times many view their own personal 'knowings' as if they were representative of what exists and can be --- "All they know, is all that exists".

This becomes a dead-end alley for all of us at times, be we "orthos" or existentialists on the brink of a startling epiphany. I think some here have only been concerned about Don given his suddenly flight into ephemeral musings and making an abrupt leap to some rather extreme claims and beliefs.. seemingly without reason to the rest of us.

Anyway.. thanks for your post!

Thomas James McCann
a.k.a. "Tripp"

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