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I would just like to offer my congratulations to Graham on what would now appear to be the beginning of the total vindication of his theories and intelligent intuition. The discoveries, real 'hard evidence' off the south east Indian coast, I believe, are the first of an untold wealth of material that will eventually completely re-write human pre-history.

When discoveries are made that demonstrate mankind, as a species, possessed great knowledge and technology of sorts, aeons before the commonly accepted norm, shouldn't each and every one of us feel a sense of pride and awe? Pride in our inherant ability to adapt, to reason, to learn? Awe because we have discovered that we have a hell of a lot to live up to? Awe because we haven't yet re-evolved to the level of the very ancestors the 'establishment' loves to demean? Awe because the 'bone-through-the-nose, club-wielding, cave-dwelling savages we were taught were our predecessors were in fact immensely civilised, possessed of fine intellect and of techniques and technologies that we cannot today reproduce?

Yet the very guardians of the 'knowledge' of our history, the scientific establishment, far from embracing the revelation of the genius of those who spawned them, are the very people who will feel challenged by the new discoveries. Dogma and 'reputation' will inevitably lead to their attempting to debunk the real facts that have begun to, and must inevitably come fully to light. Let us be thankful to the enlightened few for whom truth is more important than peer pressure!

Science needs to learn the benefits of open-mindedness. To learn that nothing advances unless what is accepted is constantly questioned and put to the test. And it needs to learn more than anything else that to be found wrong, or wanting, is no disgrace. All theories are temporary. New knowledge always supplants the old. I'm damned sure, for example, that Newton would not have felt disgraced by Einstein's discoveries - just flattered that his work was built upon!

So congratulations, Graham, your open mindedness has proved, it would appear, to be the true science this time. Long may it remain so.

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