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I find David Frawleys article very interesting and supportive of Graham Hancocks cause, in which I am a firm believer. Hancock has stuck his nose in where it hurts and has the guts to keep at it.

If you look at the comments made by Dr Frawley through the eyes of a Hancock supporter, it is easy to go along with such criticism of established archeaologists. Try it from another angle, say a group of world governments, and the suggestions that our world is subject to cyclic catastrophes which destroy civilisation as we know it.

Can you honestly believe that the publication and support of this type of knowledge would be accepted. If facts, figures and dates for an impending global catastrophe were made generally available, the world would eventually decline into `uncontrolled` chaos.

The first thing that is done by the establishment is to ignore the problem, then subsequent steps follow such as denial and ridicule of the perpetrators of such nonesense by using their own `experts`. They are well practised in the art and have been for centuries.

Cast enough doubt and the main issue gets overlooked.

Thankfully this is where Graham comes in. We are lucky enough to have amongst our midst a hard nosed Scot with enough nouse and guile to prevent distraction from his belief.

Keep up the good work, they will never give up so you have nothing to lose.


Steven Booth

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