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Immanuel Velikovsky's key proposal was that in historical times mankind witnessed global catastrophes of cosmic origin.

In 1982, Velikovsky published "Mankind in Amnesia," a work focused on the psychological condition and case history of the human race.

Virtually every aspect of human behavior, every pattern in human history, and every article of human belief, if examined and illuminated in the light of the thesis of this book, suggests how human thought and action might have been shaped and molded by repressed collective memories of cosmic catastrophes that befell our ancestors as recently as one hundred generations ago.

Velikovsky had studied under Freud's pupil Wilhelm Stekel and had practiced psychoanalysis from 1924 until 1939. After he read Freud's, "Moses and Monotheism," he became convinced that celestial agents were responsible for global catastrophes and the overturning of civilizations.

The recent announcement in British Archaeology of an impact crater in southern Iraq dating to 2300 BCE that may have been responsible for the collapse of the Akkadian Empire and the end of the 5th Dynasty in Egypt . This adds to the growing list of celestial collisions that appear to have reversed human progress. Goodbye, Darwinistic history! Hello, survival of the luckiest.

Were these events repressed by traumatized humans of the era?

Or have we been unable to read/translate the news reports from the time because we do not grasp the context; we have a difficult time accepting that God prefers billiards to dice.

It is not difficult to imagine how some survivors were traumatized and surpressed their memories of a catastrophic experience.

But there appears to have been another group who left written records of these catastrophes in mythic terms.

Are these the founders of the Mystery Religions?

If you were faced with the task of preserving the knowledge of writing, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and archicture following a catastrophic encounter, how would you proceed?

I would round up the brightest of the survivors. The surviving elders would define a curriculum - teach writing, pass on nanotechnology. Although a library of this accumulated knowledge might be useful to future generations.

This priesthood/college would pass on this vital information from generation to generation.

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