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Robert, first of all let me say I am looking forward to your new book.

I have never posted to this message board before, as I don't like to get involved in the on going battles that rarely seem to be settled but do create hard feeling among the participants.

I have personally found Grahams and your theories very stimulating in the areas you have ventured into. I have read numerous authors from both the so called "orthodox" and "alternative" camps. I can't say I always agree with either but I have learned much from both and have taken the opportunity to look at much of the source material to make my own judgements.

In that vein I would like to quote John Robinson from A Pilgrim's Path.
It came to mind after reading a question posed on The Daily Grail's web site on who was going to read Graham Hancocks new book Underworld.
A person who has posted on this board in the past suggested only "uneducated" people would believe anything Graham Hancock would write and that no archeologist of the 80,000 in the world agrees with him.
I can't offer the exact quote as it appears to have been removed by the moderator.
But John Robinsons quote on the detractors of the Masons also seem apropos on his comments as well. "Fortunately, the thinking public still outnumbers those who elect to have someone else do their own thinking for them."

Now back to the constructive part of my post. I hope in your research for your upcoming book that you have read John Robinson's books on the Masons. I found them to be very informative and well researched. In fact he became their unofficial spokesman as a result of what he uncovered. Not all Masons agree with his findings but they are indebited to the work he has done and the light in which he has portrayed them.

The detractors of Freemasonry constantly point to the work of Albert Pike
as the definitive source for their "Satanic" reference. But in fact Albert Pike was an obscure individual whom I'm sure most Masons have never heard of.
He represented less than 20% of the active Masons in the U.S. during his tenure as Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Masonry from 1859 to his death in 1891. Pike was a highly educated man who believed in expounding his own "personal" views on religion and philosophy with the history of religion his main topic of discussion.
It is in Morals and Dogma, which few Masons have ever read, that the offending comments the fundamentalist zealots often quote from are found. They always fail to mention the preface of this book which was the official statement of the governing body of Scottish Rite Masonry who published the book. In it they state "Everyone is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound."

In your post above you give mention to the word "Lucifer". I would also like to add a few things about your correct translation. Lucifer makes his first appearance in the 14th chapter of the Old Testament book of Isaiah at the 12th verse and nowhere else. The interesting part is how did a Latin name appear in a Hebrew manuscript written before there was a Roman language? According to a hebrew scholar the 14th chapter of Isaiah
was not written about a fallen angel who fell to become the ruler of hell as has been believed since the King James Version of the bible was written but in fact about a Babylonian king, who persecuted the children of Israel.
Religious experts have corrected this mistranslation in The New English Bible to read "How you have fallen from heaven, bright morning star..."
Instead of "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer..." There is no mention now of Lucifer, no reference to any disobedient angel plunging to hell.
The New English Bible has taken the direct translation from Hebrew.

Leo Taxil whose real name was Gabriel Jogang Pages was convicted of fraud on several occasions and who after changing his name became a publisher and was quite prolific. He may have been ahead of his time but he wasn't able to make a go of it even in pornography. He tried making a dollar on any controversial topic of the day he could think of but didn't hit pay dirt until he decided to go after the Masons. Even after admitting his fraud to a group of Catholics gathered to honour him for his literary work
he is still quoted to this day. He retired wealthy. His source was Albert Pike who had died and was unable to defend himself. Leo Taxil is the one who declared "Lucifer is God" not Albert Pike. But the zealots choose the lies to further their cause.

There is much to learned in the knowledge of and about Masonry and I'm sure in your new book you will give numerous references. Many people may wonder why you have made the leap from the pyramids of Eygpt to Masonry and not follow the logic but I'm sure you will be able to give directions to the uninitiated.

Best Wishes

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