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firstly, please forgive the length

We all know (I hope) that the earth wobbles in space like a childs toy spinning top, it creates through is extended North South axis a great imaginary circle in sky - this is as precession, this cycle lasts approximaly 25000yrs, each 30 degrees
of arc covering 2080odd years, someone in ancient times gave each division a name - what we know today as signs of the zodiac, but unlike the yearly zodiac which starts at Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus,Gemini, Leo etc, the great cycle goes backwards - because of precession.
What I noticed reading the bible, was... when Abraham left Ur in the Chaldees taking his son Issac, he was told by his god
to scarifice his son to show his faith in his god, for that time was the age of child sacrifice, it was also the end of the great age of Gemini, a time when the sun rose directly east at the equinox, the the constellation of Gemini as a backdrop..yeh?.
Abraham was about to carry out the sacrifice of his son when god said no, but sacrifice the kid/calf/deer snagged in a near
by bush - which he did, and the age of Taurus began, which lasted the 2000odd years.

The next main character to emerge was Moses some 2000yrs later, his message to the "children of Israel" captive in Egypt, was to sacrifice a lamb and daub the doors and walls of their houses so the death of the first born would "passover" them, and so they left Eygpt, invented the tabernacle, and sacrificed lambs, but on their way, Moses went to "received" the law, but when he came back down the mountain saw they had "reverted" to their old religeon, by building a great Bull made of gold,(it seems the old Taurian religeon was hard to shake) but the age now for the next 2000yrs was going to be Aries, and Moses said "those who live in the past, die in the past, and those who want the future follow me", presumibly Aries.

The next main person of importance in the bible some 2000yrs later was Jesus who himself said he was the lamb of god,
and the last lamb to be sacrificed, yet he teached of being "fishers of men", he fed the five thousand 2 fishes (the sign of Pisces) and 5 loaves of bread -( the five great ages) - 3 that have been - Gemini, Taurus, Aries, the present one (his)Pisces, and the Last supper - the one to come, Aquarius - for he said to two disciples asking where the last supper would be
he said (St.Mark ch14.v13 Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water:follow him) a reference to Aquarius, since only women carried water pitchers at that time - being beneath the dignity of men in those days( or even now maybe.. lol) to do such chores. In reference to the fishermen having no luck he said to cast their net to the other side - their boat being on water (Aqarius), to one side is Saggitarius on the other side is Pisces - so they caught a lot of fish.

Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius - the five loaves of bread. ( cronologicaly bit of a co-incidence don't you think) this is what I saw when I read, now the above people were good honest people, doing right as prophets/sages/seers for their people, they wrote the history of humanity down in terms they could handle at that time, gods were very real to them, but, I saw history of ordinary people, of course what Jesus says are obvious to decent honourable people, love everyone etc and we'll all have a happy life.

The next 2000yrs have started, and in the words of Moses - those who stay in the past - "die"..(not really of course) in the past, and those for the future move on.

Just an opinion, an interpretation, no offence meant to anyone
thank you
Geoff Stocks

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