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The only clear thing is that you are an unrepentent fool making accusations on issues you know nothing or little about. Robin Cook, the artist responsible for the line map in FOG, is a very good friend of mine. So is GH. The honesty and integrity of both these men are beyond reproach. And both men have my full admiration and total respect. Your vile accusations and insinuations are grotesque and dishonest. Robin Cook did the best he could to draw the coastal outlines from the PL taking into account distortion of the original due to age and unclear imagery. GH reproduced both the line drawing of Robin Cook as well as a photograph of the original PL map so that there would be in evidence for the convenience and facility of the readers.

I am totally disgusted and your very transparent agenda. I even feel intellectually polluted to reply to your message. This is the very last you'll hear from me, no matter what else you bring up.


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