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I've had it.

You have driven me to the point of absolute lividity.

You couldn't possibly conceive of how upset I am right now.

I gave a part of my heart and soul in a public apology on this MB a few months ago, and you have smeared it in my face.

You have no respect for other people's feelings. None whatsoever. You think you are funny while exploiting the psychlogical expense of other people. Thinking this is jovial shows that you are in serious need of either psychological help or a good 'talk' in a back alley on a dark and stormy night.

Nothing you say or do will vindicate what you've done and continue to do. I don't even want to hear or see an apology from you - it would be meaningless. In fact, don't reply at all; any note from you is libel to make me even angrier (therefore a reply would be taken as a deliberate attempt to infuriate me more - provocation after a warning against such is defencable with extreme measures).

This last straw of yours is nothing compared to anything Duncan Edlin, Garrett Fagan, Derek Barnett, Ian Alex Blease, John Carlo, Mike Brass, John Wall or anyone has ever said or done.

You are rude and inconsiderate to the point of infinite, abyssmal sickness.

Had you conducted yourself in this manner at a public conference - heck, even a local pub - how do you think you'd be treated? You seem to think that the internet is a place that isn't real; that it can't affect people in the same way. You seem completely ignorant of etiquette, common sense, and compassion.

Further testimony of games is that you report to have some sort of machine in your garage that can move massive weight with incredible ease. Well if it works as confidently as you say it does, then why weren't you sharing this information with the emergency crews of New York City in the aftermath of Sept 11, 2001? Within hours, there could have been a system in place that could have cleared the rubble faster and probably saved the lives of many people. Conclusion: you're machine is a lie - another game - or you are perhaps the lowest form of human life on the planet.

Given how you continue to abuse this online community, I don't know which conclusion is the right one; I only know that one of them must be right. What's scary? I even suggested you go help NYC in this way... you never even gave a reply. Should I contact the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Offices of the President to tell them you deliberatly ignored a chance to save innocent people in a time of crisis?

You sir, are in serious trouble. I don't think you realize <I>how</I> serious this situation is, or the crystal-pure clarity of your social ineptitude.

I am giving you fair warning: Do not play with me.

Or I will play with you.

Do I make myself perfectly clear, Mr. Sakovitch?

One last note:

Do not make the mistake of thinking I am a child or that my resources are limited.

Good DAY to you,


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