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I did not intend to give you or anyone the impression that I am against diversity. The probIem is this. I tried to discuss my point of view without going directly into biblical doctrine. This was a mistake on my part. However, as you know, arguments regarding politics and biblical doctrine can go on forever. On the other hand, there is an audience for biblical/inspirational books and so, I will be able to go into greater detail in that scenario. Also, it is important that I answer your question in greater detail.

According to the bible, "to believe" is synonymous to "having faith". To have faith is to believe in something without requiring proof. The biblical believer believes in, God the Father, salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit. The believer has faith in the truth of the Bible in its entirety. They believe that salvation involves union with Christ. They also believe that the penalty of sin is death (both physical and spiritual). And that the only escape from spiritual death is to receive the gift of eternal life provided by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Everyone is free to accept or reject these teachings. Anyone who accepts these teachings are included in this group (believers). It is important for everyone to understand that no one dies out of existence. Man is composed of matter and spirit. There is eternity in Heaven and in Hell. We are free to choose where we will spend eternity.

Believers retain their individuality. Parts make up the whole from micro to macro dimensions, and everything is a part of the First Cause or God. If everyone adhered to the laws and ways of God, they would make decisions that would create unity and love. God is love and unity is demonstrated within the Godhead.

Love is not limited in any way. For example, we all experience the radiance and beauty of the sun, and the many other good things life offers. But there will come a time when all of us will no longer be confined to the flesh. Where we go after this transformation depends on what we believe (acceptance of Jesus Chirst - the Way or rejection).

In order for me to treat this subject fairly, I have to breakdown several aspects of this subject into chapters. For example, believers are also referred to as: the church, the Body of Christ, Christians, and spiritual children of Abraham. Abraham was the first person to demonstrate unyielding faith in God.

I hope that I have cleared up any misunderstandings, and I hope that I have not offended you.


I decided to post this letter because I did not make myself clear on 11-18-00.

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