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Hi there,

I would like to jump in on this one.
When I first saw a documentary on TV about the possible deeper meaning of the layout of the giza complex, orion on the ground, weathering of the sphinx while looking at leo 10.000 jears bc, massive extinctions at the same time, piri's map of an ice free atlantis, eh antarctica, crust shifting, simulair building methods used by Inka's and in Egypt, and so on and so on, I was totally sweeped of my feet.
For weeks I walked around in a haze talking to everybody about what I saw on TV. Does anyone remember his/her personal amazement and excitement when bumping into this for the first time? There was no escape for me, what I saw did tell me something. We have been around for much longer than the normal established view.
"Show me just one potsherd from 10.0000 jears old and then I will believe it" said an Egyptologist, which also sounded logical to me.
Now this is the point. Academics have to follow rules.
This is limitting but this also make's sure the academic community as a whole does not fall into chaos.
Accusing GH of being in it for the money (which I don't believe) can easely be parred by "academics are in it for their careers". One step from the center line and they are out of work.
On the other hand, guarding freedom of speech alone is not enough driving force to create new horizon's.
I mean, in an ocean of ignorance sometime's new ideas rise like island's. On the new shore's weird fantasies wash up that can delute or even pollute the original strong message.
I find it very difficult myself to keep my head clean of ideas I simply do not believe in or, put more strongly, find completely nonsens. For instance, I do not believe in alien life forms as developed as we are. Maybe there is a biological soup somewhere in orbit around a distant sun, but there is where I draw my personal, private line. There is almost no use in talking to me about UFO's, sorry. "Show me one UFO landing dead centre in Yankee stadion during the play off's, then I will believe you". In me there is a need for balance between the academic and the dreamer that I both am. I can afford to be both privately. No career on the line for me.
I can't seem to finish this Email with a strong punch line. I hope that you can sense what I am trying to put forward.


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