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Sorry Bill but that wasn't quite the point I was making. Academics as a whole are not necessarily all narrow-minded elitist individuals. They are certainly intelligent and they have been trained to use all the available evidence to fit the most plausible theory. However, that can mean that many odd or wacky suggestions become dismissed out of hand. Check the links I suggested on the aliens thread. I'm not making this up - these are established academics that have considered questions/theories thought ludicrous/impossible 20 yrs ago.

Many academics (and lay peeople too) would have completely dismissed the suggestion that alien life forms could travel to this planet in comets. I must admit I remain skeptical of this until I read of definite proof of it. The point is if you don't ask the question or if you refuse to query the established dogma you will never move forward. That is why Laura remains the most intelligent person on this forum because she is not afraid to ask questions and be condemned as a loony for doing so.

Final point - if the only thing gained from reading GHs books is the confidence to question authority or the established truth then that is a far greater lesson learned than any history teacher could ever tell you. Theories are only ever our best guess at the world around us if we sit back and think 'boy Im clever I know everything there is to know about this' then we have become no more intelligent than pond life.



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