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It amazes me that an academic can be shown point blank a simple truth and then stare you in the face and say without flinching he can not understand you. Yet, your argument can be no more difficult than that 2 + 2 is four. For me these people have sold their souls to fellowship of academia and they in turn received their reward. I personally believe what you sow you reap. That is my only conselation when I talk to one of these deadbeats.

I don't believe there is a God I know there is a God. Not many of us have that knowledge to fall back on but my own researches have back up my faith.

For academics to look at Robert Bauval's work on the Orion constellation and pyramids and say they are skeptical is a valid argument but when it is seen that people have done this around the world in diverse cultures then the time for skepticism is over. Does the academic have to be hit up side the head with a two by four to get his attention? I know of no other way of getting him to shut his mouth for two seconds to listen to another person. The academic is so full of his own voice that the din it makes block out all other reason.

Dante Alighieri wrote a book called the Convivio. I recommend the first book of 13 chapters to all academics.

Dante would say it is not their fault because they are born as deafmute. They are born with organs that can not see or hear.

If they can see and hear their hearts are so full of evil they they can not see the truth. This can not be forgiven. It is the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Or they are too socially caught up into the family and obligations of the academic community. Dante would forgive them for this but if they are just plain lazy and expect to receive knowledge by listening to others which is the lazy man research laboratory they can not be forgiven. They must strive to learn and want to learn instead of sniping from the sidelines.

Bill Meegan

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