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In an attempt to restart the debate...

I can appreciate that many people such as yourselves do not have the time to contribute to this site. Im also sure there are many intelligent people who read this forum that have yet to contribute towards it and who may have interesting opinions.

There are some here who believe every word Graham has written to be the gospel truth and who do not want to even consider your views etc. There are also people here that want to discuss aliens etc. - you have to expect that as a public forum contributors will want to discuss any manner of mysteries here. You should remember that everyone of us has an opinion and we are free to discuss or raise whichever point should interest us.

Despite your misgivings, Im sure there are also many people here who appreciate your points of view/counter arguments. I assure you that your comments and arguments do not fall on deaf ears (as you suggest). Grahams work, like any theory, should be tested and as the man himself admits there are holes in it.

As academics you should at least appreciate that Grahams bestsellers have encouraged a great many people to take an interest in history. Now these readers may not be familiar with the current orthodox view established by trained professionals such as yourselves but it is your duty to educate us and to correct Graham where you have evidence that supports your doctrine.

I can accept that much of Grahams ideas are at least debateable. I don't agree with the star alignments associated with Angkor Wat and I'm not convinced that the Piri Reis map depicts Antarctica or that pole shifts can occur.

However, I have not read a convincing counter argument to the alignment between the stars in Orions belt and the 3 great pyramids. The attempt on Horizon to discredit this theory was shambolic & even convinced me further that the pyramids may have been built to map this formation. Considering that the shaft in the Great pyramid focussed on Orions belt when the pyramid is assumed to be have been built in 2,500 BC and that the ancient Egyptians are known to have associated Orions belt with their afterlife the alignment with the 3 pyramids seems at least plausible to me.

Anyone like to discuss this?...

Kind Regards,


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