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I never thought i'd hear of someon else figuring out those Ar dimensions!!!Early this year,i became facinated by the Arks and in particular the Noah story.For weeks i couldn't think of much else and i even made scale models to get as close as i possibly could to them.Holding Noah's Ark,i found it a bit flat and checked the measurements.We are told in the Bible that these are true,but that is no proof in itself,so i researched sacred geometry and found that the "double cube" contains all the basic measurements of maths.The Ark of Moses may even have been the same proportions as the Sarcophagus in the GP.His Ark,though we don't know wat it was exactly appeared to be able to draw energy from the universe by it's dimensions and Noah's was proyected by it.You are on to something big here when you make the connection with Hebrew words,which are also numbers...I'll pose a question,If there was ever an original language,why would a particular sound represent an word? When i find this out,i'll be as wise as the ancient Egyptians!
You mentioned 10 times the proportion of Moses' Ark = Noah's,well i think it a big coincidence that Noah was 10th in line supposedly from Adam.

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