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Thankyou for you interest.There is so much out there from the scientific Christian community on the pre-flood Earth that you'll have no trouble finding it ,especially on the Net.The book,"Who was Adam" was written by someone who i can't remember off hand.He expounded on the subject in a trilogy,Archaeology,Evolution and Prophecy.The simplicity of it all is very threatening to the experts.If you have no luck with this reference,pease ask me again here and i'll look it up for you.
The theory of this upright Earth explains much that Darwinism has tried so pathetically to grapple with.the key to it all is the Biblical statement that it did not rain before the Great Flood,due to the Earth having a water canopy.A uiversal tropical climate supported the race of Cain,who have been erronouly ascribed as "cave-men".

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