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Hi Big T,

Thunderbird wrote:

> []
> Hi
> Old ground we have chatted this forum
> Levant influence too....Naqada period.

The Indus Valley civilization cities of Mohenjo Daro (south), Mehrgarh (middle), Harappa (north) are in Pakistan included by extension Lothal located in today's northern India. Traditionally the Indus Valley civilization is dated to c. 2500BC but there are indications they may be much older. Even more interesting is their predecessors and later contemporaries to the West (modern day Iran) were the Elamites who also had trade network and settlements in southern Pakistan for a time. The Indus Valley civilization no doubt must have felt this influence more keenly than some might admit. The Elamites were clearly influenced by Mesopotamia and were contemporaries with the Sumerians (not the earlier Ubaid mind you) and were of nearly equal stature. The proto-Elamite city of Susa dates to at least 4,000BC with proto-Elamite writing appearing c. 3200BC.

It appears to me the Ubaid were not just the progenitors of Mesopotamian Sumerian culture, but Elam as well. The Ubaid built stepped platforms dating to the 5th millennium and the Sialk ziggurat dates to at least 3,000BC with occupation at Sialk dating to as early as 6,000BC.

I think it is possible the foundations of this ziggurat may be much older.

Layers upon layers we peel back to reveal connections unknown/unrecognized by many yet there they are right in front of us. Once again all roads lead through greater Mesopotamia. But they to lead elsewhere....

> Vyse removes the stone coffer from G3
> His sketches indicate a common etching scale pattern with
> embelishment
> as ref by your many photos.
> If gunpowder and hench can get coffer out of G3 (
> damaged....whatever )
> Then mr dynastic labor and artist can intrusive the coffer into
> G3 or manipulate
> the coffer in situ....
> Just as Serapeum box was. ..Manipulated/etch
> situ.


> Unless the G3 coffer never existed and Vyse conned from an
> extant coffer
> eleswhere via sketch.

This is my least favored option, but it appears something is amiss nonetheless.

> Saqqara may indeed have Sumerian influence....
> Maybe for another thread. ...Ie. ..Bloodlines/Oligarchy and
> trade.
> These patterns appearing at Saqqara....on coffers and other
> structure artistic
> may indeed be from Sumerian/Levant influence.

The palace facade building they depict from since before the formation of the Dynastic state I believe could only be of Mesopotamian design if not originally located in Mesopotamia itself later to be built again in the new land they administered in Egypt. Another thread perhaps, but understanding this building is paramount to our understanding of the rise of the Dynastic state. It is the 1st symbol of kingship by a people who before its appearance were incapable of building it. But the Mesopotamians had been building such things for nearly a millennium or more before this time. I believe the Thinite kings of Thinis near Abydos, the capitol before Memphis, are a significant piece to this puzzle.

> I remind the reader that Robert Temple records several stone
> coffers burried
> under giza plateau.
> His website and these next points made have been linked this
> forum previously.
> He suggests by the finding of the cable groove dropshaft
> burials on the plateau
> that Khufu family are burried thus under the mortuary
> temples...and not inside
> the giza 3.
> Theres alot to consider and work thru....


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