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The crowd from the above post header are indeed opinionated
and verge on the outrageous : )

Im decades into these mysteries having amazing resource
backing which Waddell....Blavatsky.....or even Velikovsky
did not have.

Am presently reading Clive Cussler - Inca Gold
Cusslers moving stories enlarge the imagination and satisfy : )

In this book.....Andean region peoples are defeated by the Inca
and folded into the Empire
yet thier lands and customs their grave citadels in the
high mountains elude the Conquistadores..

Percy Fawcett and other searchers went to their deaths
looking for lost citys and rumors of great treasures.

When I joined GHMB back in the 90's...
There were posters then suggesting the mainstream timeline
was wrong
That Dyn Egypt began via Foreign interventions.
Considering how much the USA has shaped our world
since WW 2
I think it possible the early dynastic period of Egypt saw
foreign influence.
The Ptolemy period post Alexander the Great found Egypt
ruled from Periphery via Alexandria Egypt.
Kinda like USA running Iraq from the Green Zone.
Julius Caesar rolls in...finds a civil war in progress and
cleans it up....violently....just like Iraq.

The Mesopotamian/ Levant influence in Naqada period forward
is debate....its there..
How the people reacted to the Foreign intervention influence
is a segment of history overlooked and probably minimized
as it derails the mainstream story and timeline.

As mentioned to Lover in post about Gobekli Tepi and
Easter Island....even Puma Punku
signature symbolism mirror in regions which history
says no contact ever occured
yet the symbolism says otherwise : )

Mythology....the Theosophical community.....Waddell and

They inspire and move us forward.
Today we have well educated who delight in the Fringe... we know any here : )

Lovers comments about Aryan had me digging around.
Its a large theme when we consider the Indus region history.
The Vinca/Old Europe have the Rune script in its form in their day.
Yet the Rune script of Nordic at the time the Church Universal
was persecuting them is different in God name to symbol.

Im thinking the Dynastic Egypt gods....the 7 gates/Ascension
Found in the book of the dead.
Is a morphing of something which came to Mesopotamia/Levant
from Indus and Far East.

The Gobekli Tepi/Easter Island/Puma Punku symbolism idents
suggest a world reach which is shrouded in mystery.
Just who is transiting the globe to share and teach in these distant
Egypt is like next door to Sumer.....compared to Easter Island
or Puma Punku.

The Aryan theme is going to move the game....just as
Mesopotamian/Levant influence in Naqada period forward has.

The Indus /far east influence towards Mesopotamia has my
Mythology....even Sitchin.....suggest that part of the world got
hammered by the global catastrophes/flood....

Sumers emergence may not be singular to that region
They may have been started up by migration and an Oligarchy
which established kingship.

T Bird

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