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Given that the exploded planet theory is correct, and Mars was a moon of this larger planet, both inhabited, consider this situation.....

The people inhabiting Mars in the first place, being a moon, would not be the commoner, but a bunch of scientists and their likes. Earth in the night sky, in all its blue splendor, would have been an eye cathcer in those days, and no doubt missions to the blue planet would have followed.

Do you think these beings, on finding earth habitable to some, extent, threw open the doors to the common beings on PlanetX and gave them a free hand???

I wouldn't think so. Probably the creme de la creme of such a race would have treasured Earth, building mathematically aligned monuments all over the globe as a form of art.

I can see Earth as being their elitist Park. What we have is a scientists "art gallery".
What Graham might be doing is locating all the monuments and pointing out their mathematical purity and alignment, but to reason why they're there might be just as futile as anyone walking into a park, and trying to figure what path the workmen and sculptors took from one monument to another.

Of course the argument is valid if there are similair monuments on Mars too.
The quarry marks in the Pyramid tend to point out that a not so far off people built them to commemorate a Zep Tepi......and so this probably is just a fanciful thought of mine!!!.....
however a humans could have built the monuments under the "Gods'" guidance ;)

.....ever been to art school Graham ?? :)

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