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Good on the Beeb for explicitly stating that they do not wish to either directly or indirectly censor the progress of new ideas.

I hope they will be gracious in extending that sentiment when the updated Fingerprints of the Gods is to be published. At least through it people will be able to make up their own minds as to whether some kind of debunking process, whether conscious or unconscious, was present with regard to the Atlantis Reborn program.

One thing I did note in this fiasco is that after researching the BSC and its guidelines that it is probably not equipped to deal with debunking processes. A philosophical reading of the guidelines indicates to me that they could have found in favour of Hancock and Bauval in the vast majority of their complaints had they been sufficiently subtle in their critical appraisal. However, the fact that they found in favour of Hancock and Bauval on only one complaint each indicates to me that the BSC does not have the sufficient intellectual faculties, or at least the will, to tackle the nuances of the debunking process if they even noticed it at all. There is a great difference between noticing a minor lack of fairness and noticing a debunking process.

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