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. . . I should be posting this, but the Mysteries board seems to be the most attended, so I leave it to the Mods to move it wherever they find fitting.

To Archae, DScriber, MJT, cant't come up with more names at this time of the (scandinavian) night - Warwick, Legioromanes, (what became of you two anyway?) and everyone else of the strenously sceptics on this board.

First of all, You have to excuse my faulty english - being a norwegian.

I have been a frequent reader/peeker of GHMB for many, many years (never had the nerve to post myself though, until now. - Well not entirely true, I made an effort at the History board some time ago, but . . )


My posting was "triggered" by the excellent Nolondil over at the GP&T. With a vast knowledge of Roman history, he draws parallels to our time, and our "thirst" for mysteries - spiritual experiences.


Thank you Nolondil.

(And there are more from Nolondil in the same post. Please read the entire debate. He's The Man - in my opinion.)


I started out as a kind of "Däniken/Sitchin devotee", (reading "Erinnerung der Zukunft" at the age of 14) - mystery seeker, - wishing soo much that a fantastic hidden truth/ a glorious lost civilization is out there, hidden among the stars or in the spectacular mists of (pre) history . . .
Devouring every alternative book and (later) website I came across - eventually leading me here.

I just want to say Thank You All for educating me, - No, let me rephrase that: Thanks for giving me the information that made me
educate myself. Into realizing that real history, real archeaology is so much more fascinating and mind-blowing than any wishful thinking.

BUT - Likewise, - thanks to all of you truthseekers, newagers, "Open-minders", alternative thinkers - - for exhibiting the noblest of human properties: Curiousity, and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Wow! I'm sounding like a born-again christian! - I am an atheist, and do not have a missionary agenda ;) And do not pity the pagans or pet the "poor ignorant children" on their heads, " 'cause they're so sweet the little ones . . "

I really meant the above, concerning orthos and altos alike.

The more I write, the more frustrated I get, struggling with a foreign language, not able to get my intended "subtle nuances" through - so: THE END.

And sleeping with a weapon under my pillow, fearing that this pamphlet will probably unleash a contract on my head :-))

(please note the multiple smileys)

Regards and Good Night.


Look before you leap.

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