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Please forgive me if this subject has already come up for discussion - I am new to this site and apologise that I have not read every single message as yet.

Basically, I agree with Mr Hancock's points throughout his publications to date, but can't help wondering if many answers would come from further research into the positioning of certain monuments in relation to certain constellations, eg at Egypt, Mexico etc. I suppose my interest here is that in my home country, Wales, we also appear to have a similar situation - monuments/stones marking out the constellation of Cygnus, although these seem to correspond with events of more recent times, ie the Biblical era.

What I am trying to say is I wonder whether anyone has researched into the dates when these monuments/sites were constructed -did a major event/catechlism occur shortly before/after their completion - why that particular constellation - is it in alignment with other constellations marked on Earth of which we are aware etc? I can't help thinking that maybe if we looked harder we may find a full map of the heavens on this little planet, and further that they may tell the story of mankind from the beginning to now.

Unfortunately, as a lay person, I simply do not have the resources to put into this theory. Perhaps someone already has got there before me and could enlighten me somewhat.

Again, please forgive me if this subject has been done to death -if not, then I would appreciate other's views. Be nice to me - it's my first time here and I like what I see so far.

Thank you for bearing with me.

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