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interesting observation steve i too saw the program, and the faces may (arguably) have been 'grays' now that i think about it, they also bore a minor resemblence to easter island or ( some island they pointed out in the program , fijian or micronesian)... figures...

overall the account was fair and well balanced, i believe the 'formations' spoke for themselves quite well, especially the 'stage' and some of the large steps...

the graveyard, ancient, was pretty interesting also,

and so were the large rock formations, possibly carved, that were on the near shoreline...

a good show.

robert schoch was the guy that argued for the ancient weathering on the sphinx. it was curious to see him arguing for natural rock fissures to create the yonaguni site.

i (having studied geology a bit here and there myself, as well as 'ancient' history)
the place

mother nature doesn't create like that. man does.


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