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Ahoy GHMB,

Years ago in 2003,and before I began positing on this board, I was involved in ancient metrologic research, and published my findings concerning the use of the difference between to two current related Lbs of 7000 gr. Aviordupois and Troy of 5760 gr, as a ratio between the English Ft. and a Geographic Ft. that led to my initial finding of the ancient Metric Polar Meridian Cir. value, I'm using today. And as I've mentioned a few times, I'm not the only one to deduce this unit independently over the same time period. Essentially, this ratio represented a weight differential factor between the two Ft. values.

Today, I noticed the Volumetric correlative factor as well. This is based on the difference between the earlier English Ale gallon 272,25 cu.ins. that mentioned to Jim as being equivalent to the 2178 bushel of cubic ins, utilized most probably in seeding rate per linear sq. ft. and the closely related current definition of the Winchester bushel still in use today, with just a minor adjustment in the definition of today's unit, being a tak less due to the calculation of Pi at current known values and the ancient known values. The current known value of the Winchester bushel was defined by statute in 1670 during the reign of Charles II. This was due to a discovered discrepancy in the former standard of Henry VII, and the old Corn gallon value which defined the earlier bushel of 2178 cu. in.

Considering that the current Lb Avoirdupois of 7000 gr. didn't become the standard until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, 70 years earlier, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the ratio's use before then that matches the two different lb. system. However, when one calculates the definition of the current Winchester bushel capacity by the Pi factor of some familiarity that Jim Wakefield calls the Fibonnaci Pi of 864/275 the result is a cubic container of 2150.574545cyc. cu. ins. When this volume is divided into the former bushel volume of 2178 cu. ins.,, the ratio appears once more, near exactly with only a 1/47915th. part difference.this amounts in terms of the Polar Meridian Cir. definition I've been using, of only 2739.225 Ft. in the entire Earth Cir.

Defining a volumetric unit that uses Pi as a factor, is always going to result in variances of value based on the Pi ratio used. That is why, the earlier Queen Ann gallon of 231 cu. ins. could also be factored into whole integer numbers of 3 x 7 x 11 = 231, when using the Pi ratio 22/7. The question now remains, Who if anyone hundred's of years ago, was aware of this situation and it's relationship to presumably still unknown precision values of the Earth's Cir.?

Best regards,


edited to correct the Ale gallon value to 272.25 cu.ins.

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