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Ahoy GHMB,

Probably still sleeping off last night's revelry eh? OK, I'll try to make this next installment a little simpler to digest. As I mentioned in my first post, volume container of today's age are changing a lot more rapidly than weight units. Take for example the most commonly found barrel container today is described as being 55 gallons in capacity. But if you go back further in time, you get a better glimpse of what I'm getting on about with this example of an old Standard Oil 56 gallon drum.

These things are getting rare and quite valuable now. They date back to the early 1900's, and probably have a history a lot further back than that, before the change to a deficit 55 gallon drum.

Given what I've already learned, that the further one goes back in time, the clearer and more recognizable the standards become, that convey the curious feature of ancient geodetic dimensions. The gallon of the earliest records indicate a volume of 234 and 1/17.5 cubic ins. as the standard container size during the early 1200's, and probably a lot further back in time than this. I'm going to venture that the Barrel unit standard was also a 56 gallon capacity as well, since these things change less and less the further one goes back in time. The curious feature about these two factors reveals the following probable Earth geodetic knowledge.

234.1/17.5 cubic ins. x 56 = 13107.2 cubic ins. Anyone, but mostly those familiar with John Michell's Canonical Earth model of 24,883.2 or 12^5 / 10 Miles, should also be aware of what he proposed as the Polar radian reduction of a 440th. part to this model eh Jacob? In the above figure, this is represented as 1 cubic inches per linear Ft. scaled down by 10,000 units. However, when one does the actual calculation, it is still a wee sip too shy of the Canonical model, by another of those musical comma ratios I've grown so accustomed to seeing in this type of study. Increasing this unit by the 440th. part results in a Mean of 24,880.661157 Mi, instead of 24,883.2 Mi.

I've only encountered this other differential ratio once or twice in my investigations of ancient dimensions in some work I was involved with a few other astute metrological types that used to post here more frequently, The ratio in this case is 9801/9800 called the Kalisma-Gauss comma, found in the 11-Limit series of units. It is somewhat expected to see musical limits of 7 and 11 in these studies,due to their usage in approximations of old Pi values such as 22/7 in geometric dimensions. This is what I was explaining to Andrew last night on the AOM board.

Essentially, and after 3 yrs. of effort, this study has just made the first direct valid confirmation of John Michel's Canonical Model's known existence in the past. It was easy for him to discover it now over 40 yrs ago, based on essentially presumptions that had no real plausible explanation according to ancient records available. Although the clues to this knowledge are scattered in a variety of locations, and dimensions as he well knew. But does that leave him vindicated fully as far as his other calculations pertaining to this Earth Canonical Model's correlations to the actual dimensions of the Earth that were known previously outside of this ethereal model?

Not yet! There's still that minor issue of a comparable Equatorial factor to balance this now proven Polar example. Michell's calculations of the Oblation of the Earth's Equatorial value to the Polar are still too short of a reasonable figure at 1/325th. difference, as opposed to today's modern known value of 1/298.3th. While my own calculations indicate a ratio factor most likely used by the ancients of 297/296 or a 1/296th. part. But perhaps I'm just showing my own biased viewpoint now on that issue, eh?



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